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西塞山前_飞,桃花流水_肥 西塞山前( )飞,桃花流水( )鱼肥. In the ( )(three)photo,I can see my teacher Are you out-going? 什么意思马上回答我、 男朋友和我说:我想你的时候会想你的, 用肯定回答:Are you going to watch a show? 初中英语单选题的疑问Her three children all stay in other province,so she lives-----A:herself B:with herself C:alone D:to alone选B还是C,为什么有人说alone前面搭的应该是living,常用living alone,所以不选C,这样说有 一道初中英语单选题()I will visit Australia this summer has not been decided.A,Where B If C Whether D What.求详解 you can look three childre in the photo这句话对吗? 初中英语一道单选题求助China has a larger population than Russia.China has a larger population than that of Russia.我认为第一个是对的但是答案确是第二个 ”西塞山前白鹭飞,桃花流水鳜鱼肥 ”描绘了怎样的画面? 露西英文怎么写 根据上下文补充全对话 A:What can you()in the picture?B:l can see six rabbits,eight cats and twosheep.A:()()those?()they ducks?B:N吗,()().They are geese.A:()()geese can you see?B:Let me(),one,tow...five.A:What()these?Are()dogs? 一道初中英语---单选题1、These cats are different _____ size.A:from B:of C:to D:in 我想知道,在某方面不同的介词好像有好几个,比如on等,还有几个我忘了.请知道的告诉我,并解释他们有什么区别 1.Can you see the case?______.翻译并做语法说明 2.Can you see any cats ____ the picture? 一道初中英语单选题求助——What did the teacher say just now?——He asked the students ______.A.when they had cleaned the classroomB.where they had spent their May Day holidayC.how long they have been collectig shellsD.if they would tak 千里黄云白日曛北风吹雁雪纷纷所描写啦? 请问一道初中英语单选题Could you make sure____?A.when the bus would leave B.if the bus had left C.when the bus leaves D.where has the bus gone 千里黄云白日曛北风吹雁雪纷纷所描写的情形急用 有没有人能告诉我,这样的我,还有没有资格爱你们.我只能告诉大家 这是真人真事.不求各位看得起,只求大家在我说完之后,仍然把我当做一个女生看待,这个女生,是我在这个茫茫虚拟中的灵魂. I am going to be have和I am going to have有什么区别 16-20题咋写 求正确率高 I have changed a lot.I used to be short and had a large build.But now I am much taller and thinner.I was lazy before and I didn't like doing housework.But now I am a hardworking person and I often help my parents do some housework,such as,cleaning th I am not a man keep away from my这是什么意思? I often clean my room on saturdays.改为一般疑问句 初中英语单选题The news —— very interesting! Tell me more!A.is B.are C.were D.was I often clean my room.变成一般疑问句 求助几道初中英语单选题1 The policemen's ____ sit under the ____.A child;wall B friend;window.C wives;apple trees D babies;orange tree.2 There's _____ "h" in the word "hour".A a B the C an D /3 The U.S.A.lies on the other side of ____.A the 初中英语的单选题The foggy days are more and more.We don't know --------.A.what we can do to prevent it B.how we can do to prevent it We can't eat ( ) these days.A.chicken B.the chicken 为什么不选B? the old man stopped working at 7.00 yesterthe old man stopped working at 7.00 yesterday (改为否定句) 宋代文学史上的“三苏”分别指?